Liz Huston

Liz Huston is a modern mixed media artist based in Los Angeles, California. Her art borders on the symbolic and the surrealist, creating an esoteric narrative that hints at a logic far beyond the average and mundane.

A Meditation on Art
& the Shamanic Path

(Featuring Liz Huston)

From the synopsis:
Liz Huston is an enigmatic artist working in downtown Los Angeles. To help inform her artistic process, and her life in general, she travels to Peru in order to study with shamans. This short documentary is a meditation on art and the shamanic path, focusing on Huston’s extraordinary work, and her journey toward artistic and human clarity.

The spark that acted as the catalyst for the short film, Firewood: A Meditation on Art & the Shamanic Path, was Liz Huston's unique artwork. It prompted a dialogue between artist (Huston) and filmmaker (Pallos), and was the seed that birthed the film. Nicholas opted to shoot Firewood himself on a Canon 5D Mark II. Pallos desired both the challenge and the control that operating a camera himself would provide - a decision that would ultimately bring his vision to life. It wasn't until Jason Decker (The Internet's Own Boy, We Are Legion) joined the project, however, as editor, that Firewood truly began to reveal itself. What resulted is a film that is one part artistic adventure, one part meditation, and several parts journey of the soul.

To learn more, and to purchase a copy, please visit Nicholas Pallos' website here. Thank you for your support and interest!

Liz Huston:
A Short Video Introduction

From the artist:
I made this short film (from beginning to end) back in 2010, in order to invite people into my artwork, into who I am, what I do and how I do it.
It is now 2015, and in the five years since then, I have incorporated new techniques. In addition to my digital compositing, I also paint with watercolors, acrylics, and broadened my digital painting scope. The result is that this video no longer portrays the complete picture of my art making process, but it is a good introduction.
The greatest love of my life is this artwork, and it is my great joy to share it with you.
Thank you for taking the time to watch.

The Creation Process
of Liz Huston's "Like Ships in the night"

From the artist:
I created a short video of screenshots I took during the creation process of one of my pieces, "Like Ships in the Night" to give a peek into how I make this work.

This particular piece took me hundreds of hours and 7 months to complete in 2014.
As a self taught artist, my process includes photomontage (which is made of pieces from actual antique photographs that I own and photographs that I have taken), painting with watercolors, acrylics, sometimes oils, digitally drawing and painting.
Basically I go back and forth between the digital and the tactile in something of a living sketch process. Usually I complete my pieces in about 3 months, but sometimes they take a lot longer for a variety of reasons.
I hope you enjoy this sneak peek into my process!

The song is "Trout Heart Replica" written by Amanda Palmer, performed on the piano in my living room by me, Liz Huston.