Liz Huston

Liz Huston is a modern mixed media artist based in Los Angeles, California. Her art borders on the symbolic and the surrealist, creating an esoteric narrative that hints at a logic far beyond the average and mundane.

A little about The Tower

I've been working on a Tarot deck for about 8 years now. Maybe 9. The first deck was lost 8 or 9 years ago (I can't remember now, exactly), in a ridiculous computer crash. I had it all backed up, of course I did. But the backup crashed, as well. So I lost it all. After a bit of a grieving process, I began again.

It has taken me years to get this far. That first deck I worked quickly, I think it only took me a year. Having never gone to art school, it was the Cards that were teaching me how to make art. They were a crash course in symbolism and visual storytelling. I had already been reading the cards for well over a decade when I began that first deck, so I had a good foundation. But making one's own deck, that was a bold initiation.

In hindsight, I'm so glad that first deck was lost. At the time, however, that loss nearly destroyed my spirit. I felt like a victim, (and acted like one, for shame) which is never a good place to be. I did everything "right" as I worked; kept my backup updated, but in the end, it made no difference.
68 of the 78 cards I completed of the deck vanished. All that work was gone.

Like I said, now, 8-9 years on, I'm glad they were lost. I know that's a weird thing to say, but now it's true. My work was crude then, it was unrefined. I really wanted to make great work, I thought I was! But I was still a baby, learning how to crawl. Not even walking yet! It was a mercy, that computer crash. And a perfect example of the lessons of the Tower card.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the Tower card - it's a card of quick, sudden, deep change. It's the lightening bolt that strikes, decimating everything in its path. 

I'd say this is not a particularly good card to get in your reading; for In that catastrophic moment when the bolt hits, everything is destroyed. All those things you cling to, the unhealthy attachments are all dissolved. That can be deeply traumatic, more so if we base our identity on these external things and people. 

However, the ripples and benefits of such a clearing event are hugely positive in potential. It's ultimately a card of trust - trust of self, trust of the universe (or whatever your higher power or science is).  

The Tower holds the potential for a brand new beginning. It's the ultimate in liberation - giving our heart freedom from the prison (or the tower) we'd locked ourselves away in out of fear, or habit, or both. The Tower breaks away barriers we've built and frees us to experience the innocent, pure parts of our being. It's the chemical reaction that reveals the latent image.

The Tower is the moment of ultimate release - the past is no longer relevant in this scenario. The message of the Tower is to release the old way of life and look toward the future with complete trust.

Most of my artwork that will appear in my deck were created to be both art and oracle. The focus being on the former. However, sometimes the particular cards are so big, so powerful, so important, that they can only be titled their actual name. And so, The Tower, doesn't have a deep meandering, poetic title associated with it. It could be called "At The Mercy of the Destruction of Unhealthy Attachments". But really, it's just called "The Tower"

Liz Huston
September 2016