Liz Huston

Liz Huston is a modern mixed media artist based in Los Angeles, California. Her art borders on the symbolic and the surrealist, creating an esoteric narrative that hints at a logic far beyond the average and mundane.

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Creative Isolation and the Map of Authenticity

Introducing my first public art piece: a mural in Pershing Square in Downtown LA!

Art Squared Exhibit in Pershing Square, DTLA, March 2016 ||  Photo by

In 2012 I made a piece of art inspired by my birthday, March 4.
In the book "The Big Book of Birthdays", each day has a phrase that encompasses the meaning of the day.
My day, according to that book, is "The Day of Creative Isolation".
I felt an unshakable bond to the phrase (it's so me) that it inspired a piece of art, “Creative Isolation and the Map of Authenticity”.

Fast forward to the beginning of January 2016:
I'm approached by the committee in charge of public art in Pershing Square in Downtown LA. They wanted to include one of my pieces in the latest installation, and out of the several I sent them, they chose Creative Isolation!

I spent several weeks painstakingly enhancing and remaking the piece (created originally at 16x20 at 300dpi) to make it 9 feet x 9 feet square! The result is gorgeous. Really, something I'm so very proud of - and it's my first public art piece! Proudly on display in Pershing Square for all to see for the next couple of months.

And the icing on the cake? The mural was installed on March 4, 2016.
The DAY of Creative Isolation. Can you believe that?! Couldn't have orchestrated it better had I tried.

So if you're in downtown LA, come see her in person. She's very special!

Liz Huston with her mural, "Creative Isolation and the Map of Authenticity" March 4, 2016 ||  Photo by